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We attach importance to communication with our suppliers and customers, and improve our connections day by day.

Customer happiness

We care about our customer relations, we respond to their demands by meeting their demands quickly

Product variety

We meet the needs of the sector and produce solutions with our tens of brands and hundreds of product range.

Competent Staff

We work with friendly and expert personnel, and always adopt a problem-solving-oriented approach.

Quality service

We always plan to keep our service standards at the highest level, and we constantly improve ourselves in this regard.

Sustainable Solutions

For Semiconductor Industry

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with Semitech

You will easily find the product and service you are looking for

SEMITECH SEMI-CONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGIES INC. is in Ankara to provide services to universities, independent research centers, private sector organizations and defense industry organizations in the developing semiconductor sector in our country, in the sales, supply and technical services of all kinds of infrastructure, micro-nano fabrication process equipment, characterization/measurement equipment and process consumables. was established. We are happy to share our national and international project experience of more than 30 years with our customers in Turkey.

Our Main Services

  • Gas Lines
  • Process Design
  • consultancy
  • Consumables Supply